about DL3RTL

DL3RTL is a lizensed amateur radio station based in Berlin, Germany.

The amateur radio service is established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) through the International Telecommunication Regulations. National governments regulate technical and operational characteristics of transmissions and issue individual stations licenses with an identifying call sign. Radio amateurs use a variety of voice, text, image, and data communications modes and have access to frequency allocations throughout the radio frequency spectrum. Wikipedia

License owner and operator of the station is Daniel Möller.

He is also owner of several further marine radio licenses and member of radio clubs like the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and INTERMAR.

facts in brief

call sign: DL3RTL

lizence class: A (1, HAREC)

lizence owner: Daniel Möller

QTH: Berlin details

locator: JO62QL

further call sign: DN3RTL

WAZ: 14

ITU: 28

membership: DARC e.V.

district: DOK DØ8 (Berlin-Tempelhof)

past call signs: DL3RTL/mm, CT3/DL3RTL/p, CT/DL3RTL/p

QSL: direct or via bureau details

Admin of the biggest german speaking Facebook community of HAMs details