DL3RTL on QO-100
(es'hail 2, 26° east)


DL3RTL can often be heard on es'hail 2 satellite (QO-100, 26° east) as well as on LEO satellites in stationary and portable operation.

Transmission power of DL3RTL/p in portable operation is 2 watts and with DL3RTL at home 10 to 20 watts.

stationary ground station

Yaesu FT-817 with a modified microphone (AGC MAX9814), transverter and power amplifier from SG labs with 2 to 20 watts PEP and an indoor 80 cm offset dish from Fuba on a tripod. At the moment I use a POTY feed.

For the downlink I use the same dish with an Octagon LNB, a SDR dongle from Nooelec and the software SRD console or a webSDR for very week signals.

portable ground station

On QO-100 I'm sometimes in portable operation. For that reason the whole equipment must be fit to a backpack encluding satellite dish and power supply.

Equipment is Yaesu FT-817, a transverter from SG-Lab with 2 watts PEP and a 20 dB grid antenna or a 6 turns helix into a 30cm dish or a 4 array flat antenna.

For the downlink I use a small offset dish of 35 cm diameter, a SDR dongle from Nooelec and the software SRD console.

Example of a satellite link

Recording of a radio link between me, DL3RTL, and 3B8GF on Mauritius island on satellite es'hail-2, 26° east.

uplink on 2,4 GHz, s band, 13 cm
downlink on 10 GHz k band, 3 cm

The transmission took part on november the 16th 2019 at 14:40 hours UTC.

apropos CW...

Please respect that I'm still practising my CW skills. So don't be faster than me and qrs ;-)


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